Over the last few years BVSA has established a successful model for the older Fury teams (13u and above).  This model is designed to keep a core group of solid players together, playing a lot of games at a very competitive level.  The overall goal is to develop skills, build a competitive team, prepare the boys for high school (during their 13 year old year) then prepare them for the college recruiting process from 14u and on.

Some of the boys are freshman in HS at this time and some are still in 8th grade.  We usually form a team for the 8th graders for the spring then reunite with the freshman for summer play. 

We understand how important and difficult the decision is when choosing the best option for your son to play travel baseball.  Thank you for considering Fury to maximize your child's baseball experience! 

Here’s some bullet points describing the overall plan-

  • Keep the nucleus of the team together and add players if needed.
  •  Participate in Winter workouts at BVSA, as a team, from January-March.
  •  Spring schedule, freshman move on to HS, 8th graders play 4 tournaments if there are enough players for a full rosters.
  • Summer schedule can be tournaments and league play or just one, your input will be considered.  We suggest as many games as possible.  We will also choose tournaments that will provide the most exposure.  This year’s 14u team went to a Perfect Game tournament in Ft. Myers Florida.  Perfect Game tournaments are the top talent and scout tournaments in the country.
  • We will also attend at least one college showcase.  This is early in the showcase process but a valuable warm up for things to come.
  • We can provide recruiting videos, which is part of the college recruitment process.
  • During the fall season, we try to keep the boys playing together in 4 tournaments and 2 practices/week with the same coaches.  We understand some players play other fall sports and there may be players added to the roster to fill those spots.  We will play at the 15u level in the fall.

This model requires a solid commitment from the families and players.  

Please give us a call if you have any questions.  203-968-2872.