Velocity Program

The Results are in!
Over a dozen participants in the velocity program at BVSA & every player has increased by 4-12 mph.  They are reporting that their arms feel stronger & more stable with higher accuracy.

Bobby Valentine Sports Introduces Velocity Plus Arm Care!

Every baseball player knows that the key to longevity and performance is the proper care of the throwing arm.  If you're serious about keeping your throwing arm healthy and at the same time increasing velocity then start with the Velocity Plus Arm Care Program today!

Would you like to train like the elite players?  Here's what they're doing.

Three of the eight entire teams in this year's College World Series (Louisville, Ole Miss and Virginia) are using the Velocity Program, and 47+ players in the 2014 MLB Draft are using the Velocity Plus Arm Care program.  The fact that these great teams and players have chosen the Velocity Plus Arm Care Program says a lot about what the program can do for players like you!

Getting started:

 1. Call Bobby Valentine's Sports Academy to register (you will receive login information and evaluation forms directly from Velocity Plus).

  • $455 for New Players (weighted balls will be provided)
  • $300 for Returning Players  (must have participated in the Velocity Program last year and will be required to use weighted balls from last year)

2. Schedule your initial evaluation to get started right away. 

The Off Season strength portion of the Velocity Plus Program is 9-12 weeks from start to finish!

2016/17 arm care program starts NOW!

A note from BVSA Instructors..

The velocity program needs to be performed 3-4 times a week and can be done at home, on your own time with the appropriate space. However, BVSA will be offering space Monday through Friday, class times vary each night, please call ahead to schedule. Please call in to purchase your velocity classes membership package for $100/month.  Velocity classes end on February 26.