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Our Philosophy

Bobby Valentine's Sports Academy believes in the power of education and the transforming effect it can have on athletes. Every interaction is an opportunity to help a player improve, which we take very seriously. Whether the athlete comes to us as an all-star or a beginner, we will work to better their skills while they enjoy every session. We guarantee maximum effort from our instructors to find the right path for each athlete to perform at the best of their abilities.

Who We Are

Bobby Valentine's Sports Academy will be opening a BRAND NEW, 40,000 sq. ft. athletic facility to accommodate athletes of every sport and age group this March. From pee wee to high school to adult leagues, this family- friendly environment will include a full turf field, six batting cages, a multi-purpose area, as well as concessions and homework areas.  The state of the art facility will still host practice and training for baseball and softball along with local lacrosse, soccer, and even pickleball teams. The popularity of sports, emotion of being a part of a team, and the grassroots appeal draws in multitudes of families into our facility.  We believe in providing sports education in a safe and energetic environment!

Looking for more information?

Call Today! 203.968.2872 or email us at info@bobbyvacademy.com