Baseball is the sport upon which Bobby Valentine's Sports Academy was founded. Whether your child is new to the sport, or just refining his or her skills, all of our instructors are trained using Bobby Valentine's proven curriculum, and we are here to help! We are constantly looking for ways to improve our teaching methods and to improve your experience.  See below for all the baseball services we offer!

Sneakers and turf shoes ONLY. NO METAL OR MOLDED CLEATS in our facility!


All our instructors teach from the same curriculum and have completed our instructor training program.  BVSA has a variety of instructors and directors to help teach your child.  Click below to learn more!


An opportunity for your child to have a lesson along side a friend! All instructors teach using the same curriculum and have completed our instructor training program. Click below to learn more!


BVSA offers a variety of clinics for any young players looking to improve their athletic futures.  Our clinics include: baseball all purpose, total performance training, catching, pitching, and more. Our clinic offerings vary depending on age, skill level, and time of the year. Regardless of which program fits your needs, you will receive a consistent experience.  Click below to view all clinics.


Our Hire-A-Coach program has become one of our most popular products and provides great value to your group.  From running clinics at local schools or town leagues, to birthday parties, to independent evaluations, and more. Click below to learn more about how to hire a coach and to apply.


Camps are a great way to keep kids active on days off from school. Our curriculum for camps mainly focuses on fun activities which promote athletic movement, in addition to a several instructional activities which help players hone skills and improve coordination.  We have many baseball activities as well as dodge ball, kickball, relay races etc. All camps run from 9am- 12pm on school holidays and vacation weeks. We also run week- long camps through the summer! Click below to sign up for our upcoming holiday camps!


Looking to get your team prepared for a the upcoming season? We offer customizable packages tailored to your team's specific needs. Cages and instructors fill up quickly, so let us know when you are ready to get started! Click below for further details on pricing.


Hit Trax is the first and only baseball simulator with a powerful combination of analytics and entertainment which has never before been available to indoor facilities.  This technology measures real-time swing and pitch data and displays live results for immediate feedback.  BVSA is one of the only facilities in the area with this technology, so schedule your appointment today!  Click below to learn more about Hit Trax.


Every baseball player knows that the key to longevity and performance is the proper care of the throwing arm.  If you are serious about keeping your throwing arm healthy and at the same time increasing velocity, then start with the Velocity Plus Arm Care Program today! Click below to learn more about how to get started!

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